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STATdx point-of-care diagnostic decision support system increases speed, accuracy and diagnostic confidence in complex imaging cases. STATdx streamlines workflow by reducing the time required to research and complete a difficult imaging analysis. Its online format ensures that physicians can have access to on-demand reference tools wherever and whenever needed – in the hospital, in the imaging center, or at home.


STATdx Features



Concise, bulleted information presented in a speed optimized format makes finding the information you need fast and easy.

  • Our more than 4,500 diagnoses include over 20,000 patient cases, 40,000 live references, and more than 200,000 images providing decades of diagnostic experience.
  • Each diagnosis includes: Key Facts, Terminology, Imaging Findings, Differential Diagnosis, Pathology, Clinical Issues, Diagnostic Checklist, and Selected References.

Imaging Anatomy

  • Over 3,000 Anatomy modules, all labeled by multiple modalities and views.
  • Includes: Terminology, Imaging, Anatomy Overview, Anatomy Imaging Issues, and clinical implications.

Expert Differential Diagnosis

Evidence and experiential based differential diagnoses presented with diagnostic clues help guide the diagnostic process making complex cases easier.

  • Our more than 1,000 Expert Differential Diagnosis modules are generated based on anatomy, imaging patterns, clinical presentation or modality-specific findings.
  • Expert based and statistically generated, diagnoses are ranked Common, Less Common, or Rare.
  • Unique Compare feature allows side-by-side comparison of up to three diagnoses simultaneously.

STATdx Global Translation

STATdx Global Search allows users to search STATdx in 49 different languages. Powered by GoogleTM Translations, a STATdx user can now search in their preferred language, and see their results in English.


  • Having the right tool at the right moment saves you time. RADtools delivers time saving tools to your fingertips that support your diagnostic and reporting process.
  • RADtools compiles “look up” information for reports and patient care
  • Tables include TNM and Staging Tables, work-up protocols, alignment angle references and classifications
  • Calculators to help calculate everything from a bone age to radiation dosages.
  • Our expert authoring team continues to expand our RADtools to enhance your STATdx Premier experience.


  • Review concise and detailed procedures with step by step guide and images
  • View Pre-Procedure, Procedure, Post-Procedure and Problems and Complications

Quick Launcher

  • Enjoy the convenience of one-click access to STATdx Premier.
  • The STATdx Premier Quick Launcher, available with group licenses, allows you to enter your access information once, and remembers you for future instant access

Compare Anywhere

Compare diagnoses side-by-side from anywhere within STATdx Premier!


Save your favorites and bookmark information for later review and easy access.

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