Radiology Operating Management Solutions

Relying on its personnel expertise and a wide network of specialized consultants and partners, Medical Professionals offers a complete consulting and operational service for diagnostic imaging departments providing its customers with an optimized effectiveness and efficiency of their facility. These services include: architectural planning, procurement, staffing, training and continual education as well as operations and processes Improvement.



Architectural Planning

Relying on its personnel expertise and a wide network of specialized consultants and partners, Medical Professionals is well positioned to assist in diagnostic imaging department’s planning and design with the objective to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility. The planning of a diagnostic imaging department requires general knowledge of the appropriate synergy among the various modalities considering the facility functions, patient flow (in-patient, out-patient, insured patients,…), management ease, and hospital interdepartmental relationships. In this connection, Medical Professionals deploys its vast experience in this field ensuring its customers that the defined conceptual plans will ultimately:

  • Increase the operation’s efficiency
  • Promote first-class practice and improve patient outcomes
  • Create an enabling working environment for staff and other health care providers
  • Minimize recurrent costs
  • Improve privacy, confidentiality and comfort
  • Minimize travel distances
  • Support a variety of good operational policy models
  • Accommodate future growth and expansion


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With a deep understanding of the importance of an effective procurement practice, Medical Professionals manages the procurement process on behalf of the customer with the objective of providing healthcare facilities the opportunity to offer safe, equitable and quality radiology service. The roadmap starts with defining the scope of work and the equipment to be purchased and ends up with coordinating the overall contract and the procurement timetables with manufacturers taking all actions into account: from planning and forecasting, identification of needs, sourcing and solicitation of offers, evaluation of offers, review and award of contracts, contracting and all phases of contract administration until delivery and installation of the goods, as well as staff training.

As an independent company, Medical Professionals has no manufacturer adherence and its service guarantees a lot of benefits for all involved stakeholders, where:

  • Hospital/Radiology management, investors, would be satisfied with the right goods being procured at the right price
  • Radiology professionals would be pleased to have at their disposal quality equipment, materials and tools
  • Patients would receive appropriate and effective healthcare service


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Medical Professionals’ recruitment service focuses on manpower planning in accordance with the planned departmental and clinical portfolio. Our human resources team undertakes a critical evaluation of the manpower skills through a program of rigorous screening and assessment of candidates’ clinical, personal, ethical and professional attributes. Accordingly, we develop a long-term strategy and plan of action to identify, recruit and train various levels of professionals where we aim to implement a minor number of expatriates experts with the intent to develop local-expertise and capabilities within the radiology department to ensure long-term quality radiology service.


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Training and Continual Education

Medical Professionals offers its customers a complete solution that goes far beyond staffing and commits to providing hospital personnel with initial training and a combination of:

  • Live Lecture, Web Conference and Webinars
  • On-site training
  • Off-site training
  • Clinical workshops
  • Self-learning continual education programs


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Operations and Processes Improvement

Driven by a patient focus attitude, Medical Professionals is capable of providing an objective look at the radiology department’s operations and undertakes strategic exercises to review existing systems and operations with the purpose of optimizing the department’s performance. Our processes and operations improvement service is typically tailored to meet the Hospital and market need and applied through assessments of the actual operational system and identification of areas for improvement.

Accordingly our team develops a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations along with a specific corrective and timely plan of actions aiming to:

  • Establish and maintain operational and control systems in compliance with international norms and standards
  • Optimize effectiveness, efficiency and productivity
  • Improve health outcomes and quality of clinical services
  • Establish a healthy and safe environment
  • Establish and implement a comprehensive Human Resource development strategy
  • Ensure patient privacy, confidentiality and comfort

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